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Happiness Is Not A Destination, It Is The Journey Of Life

"Row, Row, Row your boat, gently down the stream"

Life is like a stream, the water in the stream embarks on a journey slowly and successfully reaches its end destination. To embark life's journey and to successfully achieve you need to row your boat GENTLY down life's stream. Rowing requires action, success doesn't find its way to you. You have to work for it, success requires action, hard work and consistency. Action is required to accomplish what you want to achieve.

On a sunny Friday afternoon I spontaneously decided to take a walk down the local Ford, just a few minutes from home. While dipping my feet in the lovely cold Ford water to cool down from the summer heat I realised how the environment and setting of the Ford could be used as a metaphor to life's journey, meaning and purpose.

The Foundation To Meaning & Purpose 

The shallow stream leading to the Ford I began to interpret as the foundation of my present. In my experience to achieve meaning and purpose in life it is essential that; firstly, to be consciously aware of your present-self. It is crucial identifying where you are in life, what your purpose is and where you want to be. Second, identify your goals and aspirations, after all you cannot achieve what you want without first knowing what your life goals and aspirations are. Once you have identified goals this helps you take control of your life and get maximum results of achieving success. Third, you should never give up on a dream or who you inspire to be. Dreams are foundations for you to identify meaning and purpose of your life. Stay focused on your dreams and you will get there, your dreams will come true. Cheesy right? Stay positive and avoid procrastination, another key-step in the foundation to meaning and purpose. 'I am the queen of procrastination', I wrote a post about this previously called 'productive procrastinator'. Procrastination holds you back from achieving what you want to achieve, so surround yourself with like minded people to keep you on track of your life's journey. Finally, 'Always Beleive' in yourself. This can be tricky at times particularly when others sometimes may not understand your vision making you feel that they don't believe in you. Believe in yourself though, yourself and others will see you achieve success, meaning and purpose in life.

'Finding the perfect Dress'

Summer is here and its the time where most of us have a summer packed full of events.
I know for me I have a christening to attend and a 50th birthday party to go to, just to name a few of my summer events.
However, events means ... finding the perfect dress to wear, which can often be tricky.

Us women I know can spend weeks trying to find the perfect dress and hours trying to decide looking in the mirror whether that dress is the perfect look for you. We consider so much, the fit of the dress, the cut of the dress, the style, whether it makes our bum and tum look funny.

Recently I have found that its best to start simply with the colour of the dress and matching to your skin tone. Its important to compliment your dress to your skin tone, this helps you to look radiant and beautiful.

Heres some tips for different colour skin tones in finding the perfect dress to compliment your skin tone.

Dark Skin: 

For those of your with dark skin i advice to stay away from blacks, browns, and also silvers, grey and certain blues. 
What colour dresses compliment darker skin well is brighter colours and warm colours, even try some pastel colours. 

Medium Skin Tones: 

Medium skin tones need to add warmth to their complexion, deep and bright shades. Jewel tones also work well, such as sapphires, rubies and amethyst shades. Deep purples, blues , reds and greens also work well for medium skin tones. 

However, stay away from colours which are too light, which can make you look a bit dull by bringing out grey under tones. 

Olive Skin: 

This is my skin tone, us olive skinned are quite lucky as we can pull off most colours. I wear anything from mustard shades, anything from the green family. As olive completion is 'warm' it suits a wider spectrum of colours when it comes to choosing the perfect dress. 

Its best to go for bolder rather than middle ground colours. For example if you want to wear neutral colours go for bolder beiges or white rather than warm neutrals which could sometimes blend in to much with your skin tone. 

Pale/Fair Skin Tone: 

Contrast your skin tone with dark colours such as greys, brown, navy. Bolder blues also work well. 
Avoid pastel, soft shades and bright colours as you do not want to look washed out. 
Reds can be a hit and miss depending on your hair colour and your rosey cheeks. If your a red head with rosey cheeks and pale skinned then i would avoid reds. 

I hope this helps you on the way to finding the perfect dress for your summer events.

Leave a comment below, let me know what you think. Also leave some more advice too I'm happy to hear your own views and tips to.

Until next time, Bye for now,

                              FOREVER GiGi .xo.xo.

"The waves of the sea help me get back to me"

Recently I posted about how it was time that I started prioritising self-love and self-care and take some 'time out' from general life stresses and focus on having some more 'me time'. I decided that this weekend was a good time to start practicing what I preached and spent a day out with my daughter and my mum without worrying about anything by taking a trip to Walberswick coast where we had a lovely time.

This place was perfect to go to for me to feel vitalised, refreshed and relaxed and as the title of this post suggests "the waves of the sea help me get back to me". There's no better feeling than going to the coast and feeling the sand beneath your toes, breathing in the lovely sea air, feel the sunshine beating down on you, the feel of the cold sea on your toes and of course the best bit is the sounds of the waves. Listening to the sounds of the waves helps you get lost in your mind taking away all worries and stresses, its like the sea breeze blows them away and you can close your eyes and listen to the waves and for me today it helped me to feel more positive and chirpy again, it was a well needed day out.